Spotlight on Small Businesses: Little District Books


Little District Books is known for its unique events. Photo: Little District Books.

Little District Books, the first LGBTQ bookstore established in Washington since 2009, opened in June of 2022. The bookstore features a wide array of authors, including many from the LGBTQ community. The books sold are not limited to a specific genre or topic, rather carrying a diverse assortment of books.

The store’s founder, Patrick Kern, decided to open Little District Books after working as a federal government lawyer for 10 years. “I had been looking to do a thing that was my own,” he explained in an interview with the Washington Blade.

“I kind of narrowed it down to a bookstore and ended up narrowing it down even more to a queer bookstore,” Kern explained. “I spent probably a year trying to learn enough about the book industry to feel comfortable doing this.”

Little District Books is a member of a community of LGBTQ businesses in the Washington area.

“We are a proud part of a neighborhood that has been a haven for the LGBTQ community over the last 50+ years,” the store’s website states. According to the Washington Blade, the store is located on a street that has been home to nearly a dozen gay bars and clubs since the 1970s and is currently home to As You Are, an LGBTQ cafe and dance bar.

Little District Books is known for the events that they host, which include book signings, discussions and author readings. Most of their events are free to attend, with their upcoming events listed on the website. These gatherings allow customers to learn more about their favorite authors and their individual writing processes.

Little District Books also hosts three different book clubs that discuss mostly LGBTQ books, all of which are free and open to the general public.

On their website, Little District Books has their own staff recommendations to help people find their next read, as well as subscriptions to receive personalized book selections. In addition, the store’s website has curated gift boxes and certificates that customers can purchase online.

Although Little District Books is relatively new, the store has already built a strong foundation in their community, products, marketing and services. Little District Books is continuing to grow with the support of the Washington community.