Students Welcome City Ridge Development Across Street

Eight years after the space was bought by Roadside developers, the City Ridge Complex has finally opened. The property spans 154,000 square feet, and apartments, restaurants and grocery stores fill the space, including Tatte Bakery & Café and Wegmans.

City Ridge also aims to keep its projects environmentally friendly. Roadside Development is the first company to earn the LEED v4 and Gold Certificate in the Washington area and second company nationwide. Developers earn the certificate by making their neighborhoods more sustainable and environmentally-conscious.

The complex is scheduled to fully open sometime in the next two years. The developers’ goal is to offer a “curated environment designed to cater to your daily needs,” according to their website. The complex will offer all the services residents require in an accessible setting.

I really enjoy having Wegmans just across the street because it’s a nice place to hang out with friends, grab another food option or work after school.

— Zoe Verma '23

Wegmans, a grocery store chain, opened its first Washington store on July 9. Masses of people came to and from Wegmans during the opening weekend, as well as the following week. Similar to Wegmans, Tatte has thrived. After the opening of the bakery, customers have flooded the space. Thanks to its convenient location, the complex has been frequented by many Sidwell students.

In addition to Wegmans and Tatte, places to visit in the City Ridge Complex include Taco King Bamba, Equinox, King Street Oyster Bar and KinderCare.

“I’m especially excited for Taco Bamba to open,” junior Simra Javaid said. “I love tacos.”

A key aspect of the City Ridge development is the roughly 700 apartments it houses.  The apartments range from studios to penthouses. The property also includes a gym for City Ridge residents, as well as gardens and green spaces.

Lead Roadside Development Employer Robert Wolcheski shared that housing options are available for students as well, particularly those from American University.

In the Sidwell Friends community, students and teachers alike have enjoyed visiting the complex.

“I go to Wegmans about once a week for lunch,” senior Carolina Warring said. “It’s really great that there is a more affordable (compared to Cava or Chipotle) lunch option nearby, and it has something for everyone,” she added.

As off-campus lunch has recently been reinstated, students have enjoyed stopping by Wegmans and other restaurants during their lunch breaks.