Mulhern Reflects on Her First Year at Sidwell and Upcoming Classes

After moving to Washington last fall, Meghan Mulhern began working at Sidwell as a history teacher. Mulhern, who moved to the city with her husband and her corgi, Delilah, previously taught at St. Andrews School, a boarding institution in Delaware.

In her first year of teaching, Mulhern formed close relationships with her students.

“Ms. Mulhern is honestly one of the nicest and most helpful teachers I have ever had,” senior Nate Weinstock said.

As much as students appreciate her kindness, Mulhern values theirs, too. She calls kindness and appreciation the characteristics she values most in her history students. It means a great deal to her when students take the time to thank her after a class ends.

I would tell myself [before I started teaching at Sidwell] not to worry so much, as Sidwell is a special place with awesome students and faculty.

— Meghan Mulhern

Mulhern enjoyed teaching 11th-and 12th-grade history classes last year and shared that her favorite topic to cover was the Gilded Age and its surrounding inequities. She believes that a thorough understanding of the era “can be quite informative for current economic and social inequities that we continue to grapple with in the United States.”

In addition to teaching history classes, Mulhern will be instructing Ninth Grade Studies in the upcoming school year, an experience that she hopes will “improve and diversify [her] teaching abilities.”

When she is not teaching, Mulhern enjoys spending time with her loved ones. Some of her favorite activities include hiking, swimming, reading and cycling. On a typical weekend, she can be found on a hike with her husband and dog, who she says bring her the most joy in life.

If Mulhern was not a teacher, a theoretical scenario which she claims she could never see playing out, as she loves it so much, she would pursue her interests in community outreach or social work.

Mulhern is excited for another year at Sidwell and hopes to “continue to improve [her] teaching.” She especially looks forward to teaching Ninth Grade Studies and the new opportunities the course brings.

When asked about advice Mulhern would give herself before she came to Sidwell, she answered, “I would tell myself not to worry so much, as Sidwell is a special place with awesome students and faculty!”