Upperclassmen Attend First On-Campus Prom

On May 27, 11th-and 12th-grade students gathered in the Athletic Center for the 2022 Junior and Senior Prom. Centered around a Roaring ’20s theme, the event was particularly exciting for upperclassmen, as prom was canceled in 2020 and limited to seniors only in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Upper School Assistant Principal for Student Life Michael Woods, this year’s prom included “time-honored prom traditions.”

Prom began with a reception in the Athletic Center, followed by a buffet dinner and dancing. Students then had the option to change from prom attire into more comfortable clothing for the afterparty, which included dancing, air hockey, ping-pong, a photo booth and carnival games.

With the school administration, the Student and Parent Prom Committees worked diligently to make prom a special night.

According to senior and Student Prom Committee member Astor Lu, student organizers’ primary goal was to make the night memorable by taking proposed “ideas off the drawing board to the dance floor.”

Students on the Prom Committee worked closely with the Parent Prom Committee to select the theme, design decorations, create prom swag, develop a prom logo and choose a caterer.

“As someone who mostly works with adults, it has been very fun to work with the student prom committee; they have been responsive and I hope [they] have learned a bit about the complexity of producing a big event and that they have a great time at prom,” Director of Parent Relations Kathi Webb, the liaison between the parent and student committees, wrote in an email.

Parent volunteers had a wide range of responsibilities, which included setting up and taking down decorations and finalizing arrangements with the light company, DJ and caterer. Also responsible for seating arrangements, parents went through student request forms to organize tables so that every student could eat with their friends.

“We [were] determined to do everything we could to make sure the [juniors and seniors] had an elegant, festive and fun Prom,” Upper School Clerk and Parent Prom Committee member Lisa Ward said.

Juniors and seniors looked forward to prom, describing the theme as “perfect” and “adorable.” They were excited to have fun with friends, dress up and attend their first prom.

“I want to thank the many students, parents, and folks at school who [put] so much effort into making this a night to remember!” Ward said.