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Love Horoscopes


Leo: If you had a stellar first semester in love, don’t lean too much on your inflated sense of self to carry you through the year’s second half. You are naturally charismatic and will have success if you find the balance between your voice and the voices of others. Your loyalty causes people to gravitate towards you. A close friend may come to you seeking critical romantic advice — lean into your instincts and answer with care. 


Virgo: Don’t let your perfectionistic tendencies distract you from what is good for you this month. A new relationship could be coming into your life, but you must open up and accept it. Virgo, don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and leave old habits in the past. This month, you may find yourself avoiding the increasingly chaotic and overwhelming spaces on campus like the Fox Den. Now is the time to claim your empty classroom during break or try out Taco Bamba for your midweek 70-minute lunch–maybe with that special someone?


Libra: Your love for balance and harmony will test you this month as you will likely experience some kind of internal or external turmoil that throws your emotions off-kilter. There may be something long-term in your life that has hit a rough patch or is coming to an end. You must learn to take a step back and evaluate the situation from a neutral perspective, not letting your feelings cloud your judgment. 


Scorpio: Your impulsiveness, often a negative trait, will serve you well this month. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth, especially if you’ve been holding it in. After all, it is the season of love! However, don’t be too brazen; you may need to provide some much-needed clarification to those in your life who are affected by your whims. Only if you do this will you be able to break free from your self-doubt and flourish into your best self, Scorpio!


Sagittarius: Your lively energy and free spirit makes relationships form like second nature. You enjoy meeting people, exploring unfamiliar places and trying new things. This month, someone is hoping to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you. Don’t be afraid to let them in! Also, be sure to prioritize the quality of your relationships over the quantity. 


Capricorn: You might be seen as the advice-giver among friends and are extremely good at playing “matchmaker.” While you are often a steadying force — focused on responsibility and rules — you should also dedicate time to having fun. This month, someone will present you with an opportunity for adventure. If you take it, you will have the chance to embrace spontaneity and deepen your relationships. 


Aquarius: You have a secret admirer! Someone has liked you for a long time and they are working up the courage to admit it. Your month will be full of surprises. While you are a naturally independent person, you should let yourself get to know this person. You can be skeptical of others, so you will have to resist the temptation to overanalyze the situation. Good luck!


Pisces: Pisces, there is so much in store for you! You feel emotions very deeply…which can oftentimes lead to oversharing. You’ve been looking for someone who will listen to what you have to say and validate your emotions. It’s time to stop searching because they’re going to show up when you least expect it. In the near future, you might have a surprising encounter with a long-lost friend. Maybe you guys haven’t talked in a while, but it will feel like nothing has changed. Don’t shy away from past relationships…you never know what might happen!


Aries: Don’t let your insecurities dominate your decisions. Tap into the confident and bold nature you have when competing and take the first step towards forming new relationships. Take a chance and ask out your crush, love is in the air after all!. Or if you are seeking platonic relationships don’t be afraid to speak to someone new, invite them into your circle of friends and propose a fun activity so the group can bond. Relax, and understand connections are built over time and not all in one day. Don’t spark quickly to anger and remember others may have a tough time opening up to you, but the struggle on both ends will be worth the wait!


Taurus: You are most likely already in a long-term relationship or about to enter one! In relationships you are the dependable and stable partner. Big changes often scare you the most, but don’t let that inhibit your communication skills, be sure to tell your partner how you are feeling! You are known for your calm and down to earth attitude. Friends will rely on you heavily this month for your practicality and responsibility. Help them make smart decisions regarding their own romantic relationships using your own experience! 


Gemini: This is your month! Your extroverted tendencies will serve you well this season. Focus on building your platonic relationships and creating connections that will last. This is important as a big change will happen in the next few months. Also support those around you. Avoid letting your curiosity get the best of you by becoming too involved in your friends romantic adventures, remember that love looks and moves at different speeds for everyone. 


Cancer: This may be a difficult month as you reconcile the highs and lows of those around you with your own naturally highly emotional and compassionate nature. You will unknowingly play a major role in repairing or forming a relationship between someone close to you and another. As for your own relationships, remember to prioritize your well being. Look for a romantic or platonic partner who will create a safe space and be considerate of what is best for you. Be careful this month and you will have a successful Valentines Day season! 

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