History Teacher Elise Robison Reflects on Joining Sidwell Community

Upper School History Teacher and Club Coordinator Elise Robison is one of several new additions to the Sidwell community this year. Robison teaches U.S. History and World History and has taken on the responsibility of managing Sidwell’s many clubs. Despite her short time at Sidwell, Robison has already made significant contributions, including organizing Homecoming club tables and activities and fostering relationships with students and colleagues. 

In choosing her career, Robison was inspired by her love for history and her mother, who was also a teacher.

“I knew I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to make school a place where people enjoyed and wanted to learn in a classroom everyday,” Robison said. 

Robison already feels a strong connection to her new environment. 

“I love the Sidwell community and really appreciate how the community upholds Quaker values,” she said. “I believe it’s important to honor those values as we learn and grow together as a community,” she added. 

One thing she has found beneficial in her teaching is the small class sizes, as she said that “they help foster trust and curiosity within students.” 

As one of her teaching goals is to help students become “lifelong learners,” Robison hopes to evoke curiosity and passion for learning among her students in each lesson.

As the new club coordinator, Robison helps clubs schedule meetings, organize donation drives, host speakers and plan assemblies. With around 100 clubs at Sidwell, Robison’s work is essential to maintaining a rich extracurricular environment.

“I really appreciate all the different types of clubs, such as the affinity groups … and all of the clubs that offer opportunities for students to explore niche topics, like robotics and science,” Robison said. “I find it really cool that kids here have the agency and the initiative to pursue their interests, and I think the clubs contribute to building our community further,” she continued.

Robison’s favorite part of her Sidwell experience is teaching. 

“I have two really great groups of freshmen and juniors that I get to see and learn with every day,” Robison said. “I really enjoy discussing and engaging with them, and I’m excited to work with students and colleagues who challenge me to be a better teacher and educator every day,” she added.